3 Ways To Support Your Child's Mental Health

Growing up in this day and age can be tough. There is so much to contend with. As a parent, it can be extremely worrying to bring your children up. Children nowadays not only have to potentially deal with the challenges of bullying in person, but there is now also cyberbullying that leads to children wanting to end their lives. Another thing that bothers children and adolescents is the way they look. They think they need to look like the celebrities in magazines and on television. 

3 Ways To Support Your Child's Mental Health

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It is your job to nurture them and make them realize they are enough and they don’t have to change just to fit in. They were born to stand out and be unique. If you and your children are struggling, then you might need to consult the help of professionals such as the Youth Villages. They help children and families who are struggling with their mental health and work on improving it. 

Here are three things that you can do to help your child deal with their mental health. 

Time Together

Sometimes children just want quality time with their parents. If you have your phone or iPad in your face, the whole day you are closing yourself off to your children. They will feel like they can’t approach you to talk about anything or ask to spend time with you. If you are spending time with your children, you are doing exactly that, put the tech away and enjoy your time together. 

No matter their age, take time out occasionally to do something fun with them. If you work full time, take the day off or if you work through the week, be sure to do something with them on the weekend. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just something that interests them. They will be so happy to be spending time with you, they will be so grateful.  

Talk About It

It is so important to be approachable and open as a parent. Your children need to know they can come to you if there is a problem or if something is bothering them. You also need to be an active listener. If they approach you, stop what you are doing. It can wait. Show you are listening and nod or say something at an appropriate time. If they want your advice, give it. If they have asked for it, they want a response. 

Remind children as they grow up that you will be there for them, always. The best way to remind them is simply by being there for them, in all the small, everyday stuff. Then, when big things come up, it will be natural for them to come to you for support and help.


Finally, your child might just need some space to cool off and reflect on what is happening in their life. If this is what they need, then you should respect their wishes and give them space. Maybe they just want to sit in their room and have some quiet time. Check they are okay then leave again, don’t crowd them asking numerous questions. Reassure them you are there and when they are ready to talk, you will be there to listen. 

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