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You Don’t have to Teach Everything to have Smart, Competent Kids

As the amount of information available to everyone’s fingertips has spread, so has the idea that kids need to learn more stuff. The problem with this is that there is only so much time in a day. Only so much power in the brain for intense sustained attention. Also, there is a real need to…
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A Musical Homeschool

Music is food for the heart and soul of the student. It is an essential part of every well-rounded homeschool and you can make it part of yours whether or not you have money for lessons or are musically trained. There are many ways you can incorporate music into your homeschool. I encourage you to…
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The Key to Learning (any subject)

What if I told you there was one subject that could do all of the following: • Deepen reading comprehension • Strengthen writing skills • Increase test scores in all areas • Increase your students IQ This one subject is crucial to strengthening your students understanding of all other subject areas. You actually teach this…
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10 Free Educational Resources Worth Using

One of the greatest things about the modern world we live in is that you don’t need to be rich to acquire knowledge. There is wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, but there is also a mass of excessive and/or low-quality information. It can be quite a maze to get to the pots of free…
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The Ancient Greeks Way to Educate

The Ancient Greek’s believed there were four aspects to education. These were: Music, Gymnastics, Mathematics, and Dialectics. Plato saw the human person as having three parts, appetitive, spirited and rational. I wonder how much we can equate this with the more modern notion of body, mind, and heart/soul. The appetitive being the body, the spirited…
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Early or Late? That is Not the Question.

There are many who are quite passionate about the answer to this question, and both side can be argued and proven as best with research cited, and whole books written in support of one or the other. Reading many books, defending different answers to this question has led me to believe the question itself is…
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5 Ways Jumping Leads to Genius (feet jumping)

5 Ways Jumping Leads to Genius

Jumping leads to genius because humans are hard-wired to move.

Why and How to Create Your Home School Vision Statement

We often jump into homeschooling with two feet and not much else. A few people may have put in long hours of pre-study and know going in exactly how everything is going to proceed. Except, it often does not go according to their well laid plans. Homeschooling, like the rest of life, is full of…
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One Simple Trick to Find Your Homeschool Style

One Simple Trick to Find Your Homeschooling Style

Food, so many of life’s essential questions can be answered by this one word, and the educational philosophies behind different styles of homeschooling are no different. What you believe about food reveals how you feel about parenting, and educating our children is just a piece of the parenting pie.

Welcome to my Homeschool Blog, Marla Szwast, Jump Into Genius, Homeschool

Welcome to my Homeschool Blog

Can You Jump Into Genius?  Scienctists have know for some time that intelligence is not fixed at birth. Yet the idea that some kids are smart and some slow is still pervasive in how we think about kids. The truth is, some kids do learn faster than others, but that does not have to be…
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