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Study.com has a complete online homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12.

Homeschooling with Study.com an Online Homeschool Curriculum

Study.com is a high quality online homeschool curriculum, a great choice for personalized learning, and suitable for a large range of homeschooling styles.

Letting Go of Labels and Breaking the Walls of Learning

Letting Go of Labels and Breaking the Walls of Learning

Development is a complex interplay of genes and enviornment. Don’t let labels based on genetics or current abilities stop you from giving your child what they need to become their own awesome selves.

How to Homeschool History Without a Curriculum

How to Homeschool History Without a Curriculum

I have a confession to make. We didn’t study history much during the first few years of our homeschooling journey. Sure we had a few D’Aulaire books I read aloud, but other than that…the kids weren’t asking questions and I was busy enough teaching reading, writing, math, and science (because they had a LOT of…
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Mr. D Math ACT Math Bootcamp Product Review

Mr. D Math – ACT Prep Math Bootcamp- Product Review

My oldest is a Junior this year and we decided it was time to take the ACT test for a trial run. However, my sons schedule is absolutely packed to the brim this year. As I searched for just the right course to help him study I struggled to find something that would not take…
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Vocabulary Quest Video Game Review

Vocabulary Quest Game Review

I love finding fun ways to study information that needs to be memorized. My kids love games. Board games, card games, and especially video games are always in use around our house. So when I had the chance to review Vocabulary Quest, which is a video game for learning advanced vocabulary words, I was all…
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Preventing & Treating Homeschool Winter Blues

Preventing & Treating the Homeschool Winter Blues

It’s time to banish the homeschool winter blues for good.

WriteShop Homeschool Writing Curriculum Review Includes a Review of the WriteShop Video Companion Course

WriteShop Homeschool Writing Curriculum Review

I love that WriteShop teaches students how to edit their work. They get a very clear checklist to use for this step each lesson.

Learning is Leisure, Explore, Contemplate, Create

School is Leisure

Leisure is what people do when their basic needs are met. It is not effortless, but it is enjoyable.

Taming the Boxed Homeschool Curriculum to Fit Your Day

Taming the Boxed Homeschool Curriculum to Fit Your Life

Encouragement and tips to make the curriculum you chose fit into the day you have.

CTCMath Review for Homeschool Family Membership complete online math curriculum from kindergarten to calculus.

CTCMath Review

I am reviewing the Homeschool Family membership package, appropriate for both secular and Christian homeschoolers, covering levels from kindergarten to calculus.