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Tessellations: A curated lesson of free resources

Tessellations: A Curated Lesson of Free Resources

This blog post is designed as a lesson, you can follow the links and use them directly with your kids to teach about tessellations. I placed the article links at the top because I did not find any video’s that adequately covered what a tessellation is, so make sure you start at the top. I…
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Why I Love Life of Fred Math

Three Reasons I Love Life Of Fred Math

Check out some of my other math posts. Making Math Wonder-Filled Tessellations: A Curated Lesson It Might be Easier to Quit Teaching Kids How to Think Changing the World by Changing How we Talk about Math

Math-Whizz — Product Review

This math product is appropriate for both the secular and Christian homeschooler. The program covers math through 8th grade. Whizz Education is a company focused on individualized learning. We had the opportunity to try out their math program Math-Whizz. The program starts with a test to see where your child is at and then assigns…
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It Might be Easier to Quit Teaching Kids How to Think

Math is separate from life. It is vastly different than all other subjects, and therefore, could never be integrated like other subjects can be. It is abstract and unnecessary. We should not ask that all kids learn so much math, after all, how many of them will use it in their life? Let’s put aside…
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Changing the World by Changing How We Talk About Math

A math myth I hear frequently: There are two species of humans, the math kind, and the not math kind. No amount of study will turn a non-math person into the other species. Lack of mathematical understanding is an inherited genetic characteristic hardwired into us and cannot be changed. Others are born knowing numbers and…
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Making Math Wonder-Filled

Wonder is a feeling of surprise, mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable (definition from Google Dictionary). We already know how important surprise can be in turning the brain on to learn. Surprise wakes us up and makes a go “Wait, what?” Then, if we don’t find ourselves in a stressed…
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