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Building Stress Relief into Your Homeschool Schedule

Stress relief should not be saved or hoarded for ‘stressful times’. In fact, teaching our kids the ability to cope with stress on a daily basis is a crucial life skill. This is best done by example, not curriculum or preaching.

Emergency Homeschooling

10 tips to keep your kids learning and keep you sane. A guide for temporary homeschoolers. Tips for working parents too.

Just Get Out a Puzzle

Get out a box, dump in on the table, and take a break when you are frustrated. Sooner or later, the kids will join you and the puzzle will be elevated to a family bonding activity, boredom buster, and brain builder.

How to Homeschool History Without a Curriculum

How to Homeschool History Without a Curriculum

I have a confession to make. We didn’t study history much during the first few years of our homeschooling journey. Sure we had a few D’Aulaire books I read aloud, but other than that…the kids weren’t asking questions and I was busy enough teaching reading, writing, math, and science (because they had a LOT of…
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Preventing & Treating the Homeschool Winter Blues

It’s time to banish the homeschool winter blues for good.

Taming the Boxed Homeschool Curriculum to Fit Your Life

Encouragement and tips to make the curriculum you chose fit into the day you have.

How to Judge Homeschool Curriculum

1. Organization of Material
2. Ease of Use
3. Beauty
4. Fun/Laughter
5. Leads Child Into Thinking
6. Multi-Sensory
7. Uses the Power of Story

Your Brain on the Holidays

A down-to-earth survival guide for living in the stars. Make the holidays a positive time for you and your kids by understanding your brains reactions.

10 Christmas Books to Read with Your Kids

This list includes picture books, chapter books, books to make you laugh, feed your imagination, and take you on a Christmas journey around the world, diving into different cultures and traditions.

Homeschool Spirit Week 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to celebrate. Or a week. Homeschool Spirit Week can be a time to remember why you learn this way. What amazing options you have while learning at home. A time to remember that learning is not restricted to the academic realm. So this year I created a…
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