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How to Judge Homeschool Curriculum - 7 Easy Ways

How to Judge Homeschool Curriculum

1. Organization of Material
2. Ease of Use
3. Beauty
4. Fun/Laughter
5. Leads Child Into Thinking
6. Multi-Sensory
7. Uses the Power of Story

Your Brain on the Holidays, a down-to-earth guide to living in the stars

Your Brain on the Holidays

A down-to-earth survival guide for living in the stars. Make the holidays a positive time for you and your kids by understanding your brains reactions.

10 Christmas Books to Read with Your Kids

This list includes picture books, chapter books, books to make you laugh, feed your imagination, and take you on a Christmas journey around the world, diving into different cultures and traditions.

Homeschool Spirit Week

Homeschool Spirit Week 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to celebrate. Or a week. Homeschool Spirit Week can be a time to remember why you learn this way. What amazing options you have while learning at home. A time to remember that learning is not restricted to the academic realm. So this year I created a…
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Overwhelm in your homeschool

Smoothing Out October Overwhelm in Your Homeschool

Is overwhelm haunting you? There are a few things you can do to re-assess your plans and find smoother days. Let’s dig up the root of your overwhelm.

To CLEP or Not to CLEP The What, Where, When, and Why of CLEP Testing in High School

To CLEP or Not to CLEP?

The What, When, Why and How of CLEP Testing During High School

Do you think your child is lazy with schoolwork? How to tell if your child is lazy and how to help them overcome it.

Do You Think Your Child is Being Lazy with Their Schoolwork?

How to tell if your kid is being lazy and how to help them overcome it. We cannot see inside our child’s mind. What seems simple and easy to us, as adults, could be taking a great deal of cognitive effort for them. This does not mean there is anything wrong with their brain. It just…
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A Typical Tuesday for this Homeschool Mom

Just Another Day in the Life Homeschooling 6 Kids Ages 9-16

A typical Tuesday for this homeschool mom.

The Places and Spaces Where we Learn Jump Into Genius Homeschool

The Places & Spaces Where We Learn

Tables, couches, and beds, Oh My! Children who are raised to love learning take their learning wherever they go. Sure, they sit at a table when they need a hard surface to work on. But they might take their math to their bedroom if they need quiet (there are six kids, two dogs, a cat,…
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My Mad Methods for Picking Homeschool Curriculum

My Mad Methods For Picking Curriculum

The process I go through to get what I need to homeschool 6 kids each year.