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Your Brain on the Holidays, a down-to-earth guide to living in the stars

Your Brain on the Holidays

A down-to-earth survival guide for living in the stars. Make the holidays a positive time for you and your kids by understanding your brains reactions.

Homeschool Spirit Week

Homeschool Spirit Week 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to celebrate. Or a week. Homeschool Spirit Week can be a time to remember why you learn this way. What amazing options you have while learning at home. A time to remember that learning is not restricted to the academic realm. So this year I created a…
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A Typical Tuesday for this Homeschool Mom

Just Another Day in the Life Homeschooling 6 Kids Ages 9-16

A typical Tuesday for this homeschool mom.

Thoughts From the Homeschooled Kids Two Teen Boys Share their thoughts

Thoughts From the Homeschooled Kids

Two Teen Boys Share Their Thoughts Let’s start with the oldest. He is 16 and articulate writing is not his strength, but he is very passionate about homeschooling. He was homeschooled from the start but we put him in public high school in 9th grade. By the end of the first semester, it was obvious…
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Defining Creativity, Through the Eyes of a Highly Creative Teen by Marla Szwast of Jump Into Genius

Defining Creativity – Through the Eyes of a Teen

This morning I was sharing some tidbits of a news article, mostly because the article was ridiculous. It reported nothing new and could not seem to develop a single idea, instead, jumping about randomly. This was published online at one of those Giant News Sources. For their sake, I will not say which one is…
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The Four Most Important Things to Include in Your Homeschool Plans for Next Year

It might sound simplistic, but these are the things your kid’s brain needs to grow.

Thriving Homeschool Motherhood Does Not Look Like Pinterest, Marla Szwast, Jump Into Genius, Homeschool

Thriving Homeschool Motherhood Does Not Look Like Pinterest

I just want to remind every mom out there who is feeling weighed down by all the imperfect mom guilt. Homeschooling is life. Life is messy. Pinterest is a photo-op. It shows us the best possible outcomes, tied up in a bow. Completely Staged. Even my messy photo for this graphic isn’t really messy enough.…
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Tasting the Fruit of Your Labor

Spring vacation may not matter to some homeschoolers, but for us, it is the week off of evening extra-curricular activities. Since those activities keep me and my older kids out until 9 pm most nights, this will feel like a vacation whether or not we take a break from academics. Our daily life is so…
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Giving Your Kids the Gift of Self-Knowledge

“I am confident that as they gain self-knowledge they’ll also become self-teachers—and only self-teaching has any lasting value.” John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down Self-knowledge. A very staple ingredient to living a fulfilling life. We know the culture around us does not place a high value on this form of knowledge. But we don’t have…
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Yes, You Can Know What Skills Your Children Will Need In The Future

4 Soft Skills that Will Prepare Them Some things in life are not as mysterious as we often make them. Yes, the world is changing quickly, but that doesn’t mean we suddenly have no idea how our kids will be able to succeed in the future. What we need to realize is that some skills…
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