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Your Brain on the Holidays, a down-to-earth guide to living in the stars

Your Brain on the Holidays

A down-to-earth survival guide for living in the stars. Make the holidays a positive time for you and your kids by understanding your brains reactions.

Homeschooling a Large Family – How Do I Do it All?

(Spoiler Alert: I don’t) This is a big-picture, mindset type post. If you need specific teaching tips for homeschooling a large family read my article Teaching Multiple Ages and Grades in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, it’s free to read online. This is one of the first questions I get when meeting new people. Even before…
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Don’t Collect Curriculums, Collect Treasures

We Need to Fill our Homes with Treasures. Some curricula is a treasure, but many are just copycats of the bland materials used in the public school system. The system we have left behind for one reason or another…perhaps the lack of treasures was a bigger reason than we realized at first? Treasures Take Time…
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Brain Wars: Unschooling vs. Brain Science

As I read about cognitive and neuroscience and all the amazing ways our brain learns I often see why I was attracted to certain educational philosophies and also why I didn’t jump all in. In other words, most of the educational philosophies popular in the homeschooling world have clear strengths and weaknesses when viewed through…
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What the Future Holds for Homeschoolers

The other day I met the owner of a small business. The business provides at-home care for your pets while you are on vacation, out-of-town, or just for walks on long work days. The business owner has a team of workers and the company has glowing reviews on Nextdoor. Of course, all my kids were…
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Homeschooling Kindergarten Math

Math is not often included in the learning-through-play list of subjects, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your child can learn math through play, especially if you are showing them how. Even play, on some levels, is taught. When our babies have mastered peek-a-boo, and stacking a box tower, it is not time…
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Homeschooling Kindergarten

Getting past the fight of early or late and diving into what is going on inside the brain to inform us about what children this age need to thrive. Just go on any homeschool group page, ask about kindergarten and people will practically start shouting at you not to do anything. I mean, it gets…
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Homeschooling Kindergarten Science with Real Books

A list of resources and reasons How to Homeschool Kindergarten Science with Real Books: Get a list of great books. Head to the Library or Thriftbooks…or Amazon if you like. Read a book a day. Add some fun experiments/demonstrations. Get your kid outside. Encourage observation by asking your child questions. So, let’s get right to…
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A Homeschool Day-in-the-Life with Six Kids, Ages 8-15

Yes, I have decided to jump into the January day in the life, bandwagon. Partly because I don’t write many personal posts and thought this would be a good chance to connect with my readers. Also, because in years past when I needed January inspiration these posts sometimes helped, but I found a lot of…
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