These are all the supplies you need to complete the chicken pencil topper craft.

A DIY Project for Kids: Make a Chicken Pencil Topper Craft

Yarn Your Fingers

Wrap yarn around your fingers until you’ve got a good amount, then cut the yarn. Slip the yarn off your fingers, keeping the strands neatly together.

Tie Off The Yarn Ball

Cut a yarn strip, wrap it around your bundle and tie a knot.

Cut the Loops

Cut open all the loops and finish by trimming the strands to the same length.

Trim the Strands

Trim any strands that stick out farther than the others to create a little yellow ball.

Wrap pencil with yellow paper

Grab a piece of yellow construction paper and wrap it around your pencil to make the mold. Cut to fit, glue it together.

Cut the beak

Grab a piece of red construction paper and fold it in two. Draw a triangle and cut it to make the beak.

Glue it all together

Glue the yarn ball to the pencil topper. Glue on the beak. Next glue on the eyes. You can either print and cut out the eyes in the template below, or use googly eyes.


  • red and yellow construction papers
  • glue
  • black marker
  • yellow yarn
  • pencil


  • Scissors

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