Inexpensive Ways To Create Memories With Your Children During the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues to spread, you must make memories with your children while you still can. But, with all the survival preparations, one might forget about making those “special” moments happen. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn some fun and inexpensive things you can do with your kids during this time.

The best part about the journey of having children is that you can create memories from any point. In addition, you can contact a maternity photographer to document the moments from the very start.


Have a Picnic

Picnics are a great way to enjoy some of the last remaining summer days and create new memories. In addition, you can easily pack light, healthy options for your kids to eat.

Plus, it’s an easy activity that doesn’t require too much travel. You can have one in the park, backyard, or even on the front porch.

Make a Tent and Play in It as a Family

If you have a tent in the backyard, set it up and play inside it with your kids. You can make forts out of sheets and blankets or share stories around the campfire.

A Puppet Show

Make your puppets with paper, glue sticks, and paint. Then, have your kids tell a story about the pandemic or create their adventure!

Plant and Care for a Garden Together

Kids can help plant, water, and weed a garden. They’ll also get to eat the vegetables that they grow.

Write Family Stories

While you’re doing all of this fun stuff with your kids, make sure someone is taking notes so you can remember it later on in life. Write down each memory as soon as possible for more accuracy.

Take a Hike Around the Neighbourhood

This idea is a great way to explore the area around your home without having to travel too far. It’s also a good activity for families who don’t have any transportation available.

Play Cards Together

Playing card games like UNO or Crazy Eights are an easy, inexpensive option that you can do anywhere with no set-up required! A pack of cards can last for a long time, and you don’t need to have any other materials.

Sing Together

Grab your family’s favorite tunes or find some new ones on YouTube. Singing is an easy way to bond with your kids- plus, it’ll keep their minds off of the pandemic too.

Create an Apocalypse Memoir

If you’re feeling creative, grab some old clothes from around the house to make costumes for yourselves and have each person write down what they remember before the pandemic; this is an excellent activity for people who like to dress up and get creative!

Go on an Adventure Together

Take your kids somewhere new or explore their neighborhood as if it were brand-new again with them. You can go exploring in the woods, visit that local museum, or drive around some of the back roads of your area.

Visit a Museum

Often museums offer free admission to families during pandemic months. It’s also fun because you’ll learn about different cultures through pieces that you can explore.

Cook Together

Everyone loves to cook, and it’s a great way to spend time with your children! Plus, you’ll have delicious food at the end of it all that will last longer than just pre-packaged meals or takeout orders. For example, you could try making an easy recipe like macaroni and cheese.

Play in the Rain

Everyone knows how much kids love to play outside- and it’s a great way to create memories with them! You might even be able to find some fun things like puddles or leaves that you can jump on together.

In conclusion, these are just some of the inexpensive activities that you can do with your kids during this time. It’s hard to know what will happen, so make sure you have lots of memories with them!

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