Helping Motivate Your Child to Learn

Independence is an important skill for our children. It enables them to operate in the world safely, explore and evolve. We have compiled for you some practical tips on the subject. When your child is struggling at school and you feel that they are not progressing in a way that you wish they were, then you should focus on ways to give your child motivation. You could first start by looking at Age of Learning for further inspiration. 

Helping to Motivate Your Child to Learn

How to do it right at home?

When the environment is good at home, your child is more likely to want to learn and grow. Your encouragement and a space for them to develop is also vital. Here are some tips: 

  • Consistency in demand: Make sure you set regular requirements for your children that are as clear as possible. Do not give general instructions like but explain to them exactly what you expect. Maintain consistency throughout the activity itself. Reduce distractions (turn off the TV, avoid talking on the phone, etc.). While doing any learning activities, keep focused on it.
  • Consistency in conditions: Be sure to maintain as constant conditions as possible while performing the activity. For example: maintain a regular time throughout the day (as part of the child’s daily routine), make sure to perform the activity on a daily basis, maintain a regular place where the activity will take place, etc.
  • Provide sufficient time: Leave sufficient time for the activity, so that your child does not feel that it is being accelerated. Be patient because children often come to things in their own time. 
  • Avoidance of power struggles: When you feel you are about to lose patience, take a deep breath and remember to not lose your patience in this moment. When resistance arises it is sometimes right to take a step back and continue next time instead of insisting and quarreling.
  • Satisfying the experience of success: Be sure to end with words of praise each time, in order to provide your child with as many success experiences as possible and enjoy the activity. Give them praise and constantly try to motivate them to learn more.

Learning through play

All daily activities can be started through learning. This is a type of kinesthetic learning which allows your child to learn as they do it themselves. Your child learns things from a fun shared experience of the task. This way your child can actually learn the stages of the activity, what is expected of them to do in real time. And how to deal with difficulties that arise. Therefore, you should encourage sporting activities for team-building exercises and encourage them to want to learn. Make it fun. Scientific lessons can be learned through scientific experiments, even if they are just done in your own kitchen. Your children’s future is determined on how you behave with them from a young age and the values that you instill into them. It’s possible for you to motivate your child and offer them the best start in life.

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