Homeschool Bravely - A Book Review

This is a book for Christian homeschool moms written to inspire and encourage you on your journey.

Let me just start by saying that I don’t always enjoy inspirational books. I mean, honestly, sometimes, they just make me want to throw up. This is often invoked by the over-sentimentality present and sometimes a bit too much cheerfulness. Don’t get me wrong, I am a not a naysayer, but come on…sometimes life sucks and no amount of lemonade is going to make you feel any better!

Having confessed to the above aversions to Christian inspirational books it may mean more to you when I declare that I enjoyed every minute of reading this book. (Even when I read ‘paint by number’ as a suggestion for mobile schooling…really? An activity to do in the car or at the doctor’s office? This mom must be braver than me!)

Jamie Erickson gives rock solid advice. I enjoyed reading my own advice to young mom’s as I read over her section of tips for dealing with toddlers while you are homeschooling older kids. No, she didn’t steal the ideas from me, I don’t even know her…but good advice is more universal than our individualistic society would care to admit.

How do you know if you need to read this book?

Are you discouraged?
Think you are the only one with your set of struggles?
Disturbed that your well charted K-12 path keeps getting upset by life?
Just want a good read to fortify yourself for the lows you know will come?
A new homeschooler?
An old homeschooler?
A Protestant, Catholic, or orthodox Christian homeschooler?

This book is for all of you. From Jamie’s heart to yours, you will be nourished by her wise words and theologically sound reminders.

Even if you don’t like inspirational books. This one will not make you gag, but it might make you cry, laugh, and smile. It might lighten your heart, help you bear your burden, and give you courage. It might help your vision expand. It might help you homeschool bravely.

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