When And How Does My Child Develop Their Motor Skills?

Early childhood is the period when most children acquire basic motor skills. These skills are generally running and jumping. They also learn object control skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking like when they join Soccer Buddies. Children continue to improve their great motor skills while running and jumping. Fine motor skills in turn are improved with drawing, coloring, and using scissors.

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When they are 2 to 3 years old

During this period, more coordinated and precise development of muscle groups can be seen. Therefore, in general, 2-year-olds may have better coordination when running than when they are young, but it is difficult for them to ride tricycles, and a typical 3-year-old can do so. 

When they are 4 years old

We have seen a similar change in fine motor skills in 4-year-olds, who can now dress themselves. Where they may have struggled with two years ago, it’s no longer the case. Motor skills will continue to develop in mid-childhood, but for those in early childhood, the emphasis is on games that deliberately involve these skills.

When they are still 4 years old

Preschoolers like to imitate their older siblings, or the players they watch on television. This style of play enhances your emerging skills. 4-year-olds run fast, stop fast, and can easily navigate obstacles. Naturally, they like to practice fancy footwork with soccer. They like games that require fast and gross motor responses. These children are always on a journey and then leave on their tricycles. They use arm muscles to steer, speed through turns and curves with confidence, and cleverly avoid oncoming children. Four-year-olds especially like to participate in bold and energetic outdoor activities with friends.

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The children at this benchmark will balance the blocks on top of their tower or type on the computer. The children have grown up and changed a lot during the year. Those children who walked through the door of the kindergarten have grown up and their abilities have also improved. It’s hard to believe how much help they needed with simple things like getting dressed at the beginning of the year, and now how independent and capable they are at letter writing. Developing physical skills represents one of the biggest growth spurts in the early years of physical development. These kids are now learning how to use their small and large muscles. The children developed from very simple physical skills to very complex physical skills in just one year. 

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Learning to snap your fingers or shuffling your feet or clambering all over the monkey bars is a great achievement. Especially considering they couldn’t fasten buttons and had a hard time climbing stairs earlier this year.

When they are 5 to 6 years old

Confidence in their physical abilities makes 5- and 6-year-olds interested in games like hopscotch and jumping rope, as well as sports like soccer and swimming. Children at this stage are often interested in dancing. This is a good time to introduce children to these non-competitive sports activities, which are challenging and supportive under ideal circumstances. It’s time to celebrate what children can do with their bodies in the warm environment of school and home.

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