4 Common Questions that Parents Ask about Kids and Digital Devices

Whether digital devices are appropriate for young children is one question many parents are never sure about. As much as you want your child to be tech-savvy, it’s more important to bring up an all-rounded child, which sometimes takes hard work and strictness. 

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More than ever, kids use digital devices everywhere they go, even at school, making them an essential part of everyday life. This makes it harder to set definite rules on their usage. Here are some common questions parents ask about letting young kids use digital devices.

How Can I Make Sure Kids Are Safe Online?

All kids love spending time watching their favorite movies, playing games, and exploring digital devices. However, make sure they visit safe websites, and that you monitor all their online activity. 

To do this, check whether you can have parental controls on the different websites they visit. 

For instance, if your child loves watching YouTube, not all its content is appropriate or safe. When you are concerned about child safety on YouTube, check the parental controls available on the site to ensure the kids watch age-appropriate content. 

How Do Pediatricians Feel About Kids Using Digital Devices?

There before, pediatricians had mixed reactions on whether children should use digital devices. Recent studies show that it’s okay to give children as young as 18 months some digital experience as long as it’s under control. 

However, all pediatricians agree more than an hour every day on a digital device is a lot for kids five years or below. Therefore, limit the usage and make the experience more worthwhile. 

How Do You Make Kids Love Other Activities?

Smartphones and other digital devices are very addictive, and when unrestricted, kids will always prefer them over other activities. 

To help children find more interest in other activities, don’t give them digital devices only when playing but offer various toys and puzzles requiring physical activity and full attention. 

Also, involve them in outdoor activities such as outdoor games, exploring, picnics, or fishing. 

How Do You Make Kids Do Their Chores When They Prefer Digital Devices?

As a parent, you want your child to do age-appropriate chores around the house because this is their responsibility. It’s not easy to make them do these chores when they have more interest in digital devices. 

Many parents find it easier to offer positive reinforcement, enabling kids to understand what you expect. For instance, if one of the rules is that nobody touches their phone before attending to their daily chores, the kids will finish the work faster. 

Another rule could be no tv or video games on a school day. 

However, it’s up to you as the parent to know how to set the limits. Most importantly, talk to the kids when they are older about the dangers of digital devices and how it affects their mental health. 

Also, teach them to be responsible, which will allow them to make the right choices all the time. For instance, if another child sends them an inappropriate link, they will not open it because they know it’s not the right thing to do.

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