Critical Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Their Grandparents

Education isn’t just something that happens in school. In fact, kids learn many of the most important lessons from their grandparents. Older members of the family have crystallized intelligence which helps them offer sage advice and deep insights into subjects that school might not cover. 

Imagination And Perspective

Grandparents are great at using their experience to stoke children’s imagination and provide them with new perspectives on the world. For instance, on a dull, rainy afternoon, grandparents can tell their grandchildren stories, whisking them away on adventures in the mind. They can also introduce them to new, innovative ways of thinking, giving them fresh perspectives. 

Practical Knowledge

While parents want their children to do well in school, there’s a whole world out there that goes well beyond academic subjects. Practically knowledge is still important, even in today’s advanced society. 

Grandparents, for instance, can teach a whole host of skills – everything from carpentry to knitting. Many are great with tools and can show children how to live in a more practical, down-to-Earth manner and become less dependent on their devices. 


Grandparents are also superstars in the art of offering children discipline. Usually, that’s because they needed discipline themselves to succeed in life and move forward. 

Grandparents tend to be better than parents at instilling discipline. Many children naturally rebel against their parents and attempt to plot their own way in life. But they are usually far less combative with grandparents. Often, they are more open to following their instructions and listening to their advice. 

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Morals And Ethics

In the modern world, many of us were taught that morality was relative. But that’s not the case for grandparents. They are often far more sure about the difference between right and wrong. 

Children can learn a lot about ethics and values from their grandparents. They can get a sense of clarity on issues that might be confusing to them. 

Grandparents are often the most at risk of being treated unethically, as good nursing home abuse attorneys will always tell you. Thus, they have first hand experience of the difference between good and evil, and are often more than willing to share this with the younger generation. 


It can sometimes be challenging for children to put themselves in other people’s shoes. After all, they are still new to the world and learning all the time. Fortunately, grandparents can help in this regard. Children who are close to their grandparents get to learn more about life from the perspective of a senior. They can put themselves in the shoes of their elders and begin to understand some of the challenges that they face. Interestingly, there is often an overlap between the grandparent and the child. Both regularly need support and care when leaving the house, and neither can always live totally independently. 

In summary, kids can learn a tremendous amount from their grandparents. The lessons won’t necessarily be academic, but they will be critical to their life success and chances going forward.

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