How Can You Make Your Home An Inspiring Place?

If you’re thinking of homeschooling your children, you need to make sure your house is ready for them to learn. It’s not enough to put out a desk and a chair or hang up a dry erase board in the spare room. The most successful homeschooling parents make their home an educational hub where inspiration is easy to find. 

This can sound complicated, especially if you’re not experienced with homeschooling, but it isn’t impossible. Every parent can work with their child to create the most inspiring homeschool environment, and here are 12 useful ideas to consider.

Eliminate Distractions

You can’t work with distractions, so how do you expect your kids to do the same? Learning at home is much different from learning at school, so you need to anticipate the variety of distractions around the house and remove them. 

This can include their toys, games consoles, and even pets. It can take time for your kids to get into the educational zone, so they will be tempted to play or follow these distractions when they should be learning. If you keep these out of sight, you’ll have a much more successful experience. 

Make It Sparkling Clean 

You don’t want to deal with homeschooling and keep the house clean. You shouldn’t have to deal with this all by yourself, and you might not even have the time to do it all yourself, anyway. 

You can use this opportunity to teach your child how to take care of their home and learn some responsibility. Work together to clean the kitchen or tidy up their bedroom at the end of each day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a substantial cleaning job, companies like Premiere Exterior Cleaning Experts can ease the pressure and help you focus on educating your kids. 

Introduce a Creativity Space 

Creative spaces are a fantastic way to help kids learn a little differently compared to the standard learning-out-of-a-book approach. But, making things or painting can get messy

This is why a dedicated space for arts and crafts is so effective. It allows your kids to indulge in their creativity, and being in that environment can ignite more inspiration. You can introduce this space in the corner of your home classroom, or you could have a secondary room if you have space at home.

Keep Plenty Of Books, Art, and Music 

You won’t be able to inspire your kids if you don’t fill the home with things that can inspire them. Books, art, and music are all excellent ways for your children to draw inspiration from, and if you can include a wide range of styles and genres, they will have plenty of inspirational ideas to explore. 

One benefit of homeschooling is how you can teach the material your way, which means you can bring these resources into the classroom whenever possible. By having as much art as you can squeeze into the classroom, you will never be wanting for lesson ideas or activities. 

Bring In Some Nature 

Every classroom needs a balance. You need somewhere your kids can work, and you need a place to outline the day’s goals. However, you should also think about how you design and decorate your classroom. 

Besides traditionally inspirational posters or resources, you can also bring some nature into the classroom. This can contribute to a friendly atmosphere, and some houseplants can improve the air quality, which is ideal on those hot summer days where it’s too humid to focus. On the other hand, they are also fantastic in winter where it’s too chilly to venture outdoors.  

Don’t Neglect the Yard 

You shouldn’t only think about bringing nature into the house, you can also take the classroom outside. There are plenty of educational benefits to gardening with kids, and although they might be a little reluctant to get their hands dirty at first, they’ll soon change their tune. 

It’s important to offer something different as regularly as possible, and finding unique ways to teach your children is an excellent way to keep them engaged in their education and inspire them differently. They can’t learn out of a book all the time, so take advantage of other options you have. 

Designate a Learning Room

You should have plenty of time to prepare before you start homeschooling, but if you don’t, you might have to make do with the living room or dining room as a makeshift classroom. While this is okay for the time being, you need to create a designated learning room if you want to ensure inspiration. 

Much like removing distractions, this will help your kids get into the zone. They can struggle to associate already familiar rooms with being a place to learn. If you work hard to design a proper classroom, you’ll have a much easier time inspiring your kids. 

Make It Comfortable 

You will also need to make it comfortable. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to focus if your chair is awkwardly shaped or the classroom is either too hot or too cold. 

Before you get started, consider what type of furniture you need to make the classroom as comfortable as possible. Set the thermostat at the optimal level, and invest in comfortable classroom furniture. However, you don’t want to make things too comfortable, as this can negatively impact your child’s focus and inspiration. 

Use Colors 

No one wants to learn inside a dull, drab classroom, so use colors to ignite creative sparks and get your kids engaged. Both orange and yellow are considered excellent colors to inspire, but if you don’t want to paint your walls these colors, you can always hang up patterns that offer a similar effect. 

Embrace Natural Light 

If you’ve ever spent any time in an office environment, you know how draining fluorescent lighting can be. It keeps you awake, yes, but it also makes you feel a little wired, like you’ve had far too much coffee in a very short amount of time. 

You don’t want this to happen in your home classroom, so see if you can design a classroom that gets plenty of natural light. This won’t be possible for everyone, so you’ll have to find a balance and perhaps use bulbs that mimic natural light instead. 

Consider Your Child’s Needs

One of the most important factors that will inspire your child in your homeschool environment is to consider their needs. You have spent enough time with your child to know what they like and how they learn best, so bring this knowledge to your lessons.

If your kids learn best through visual resources, you won’t get much success lecturing them. If they are an active learner, make sure you have plenty of activities to keep them engaged. They might also need to take a break now and again, so let them play for a little bit rather than forcing them to work. 

Bring Out Personality 

It can be difficult to separate the teacher from the parent, this makes sense, because you are one person, not two. You don’t need to create a different personality to homeschool your child. Just be yourself, your kids already know how to learn from you. You are how they learned to walk and talk, say please and thank-you, wash their hands, and get dressed. You are already their teacher. If you want to make your homeschooling a success, you should bring out your personality to inspire your child, and any other children you are homeschooling.


Every parent wants to inspire their kids in a homeschool environment. It takes several factors to make this possible; besides the learning material, your approach to teaching, the classroom layout, and overall setup also make a significant impact. This will put your child in the best possible position to succeed in life, and they will grow to have a positive relationship with education.

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