Turning on the Attention Switch How to Get Students Ready to Learn

Our brain has many ways to protect us from information overload. To teach, we must respect the wisdom of our biology and work with the brain instead of against it. Time to stop cramming and start enjoying, investigating, and exploring, things humans have loved doing from the beginning.

BDNF Builds Better Brains

Your guide to BDNF, what it is, the role it plays in learning, and how to increase it.

Practice may not feel like magic, but it is. Practice is the magic that changes brains.

Practice matters because it changes us. It changes our abilities, yes, but it changes us on a much more profound level than that.

It might sound simplistic, but these are the things your kid’s brain needs to grow.

Exploring Intelligence - The Neocortex

One of the most interesting things about the neocortex is that it has the same structure throughout. We have often mapped the brain by function, hoping this would reveal information about the how the brain works. Although we can map different cognitive activities to different areas of the brain, we also know that the map is changeable.

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