Homeschool Spirit Week

Homeschool Spirit Week 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to celebrate. Or a week. Homeschool Spirit Week can be a time to remember why you learn this way. What amazing options you have while learning at home. A time to remember that learning is not restricted to the academic realm. So this year I created a…
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Plus-Plus Turkey Kit Toy Review

Plus-Plus Turkey Kit Product Review

Are you searching for a project to keep the kids busy while the pop-up turkey timer refuses to budge, even though your painstaking mathematical calculations predicted it would pop 30 minutes ago?

Tessellations: A curated lesson of free resources

Tessellations: A Curated Lesson of Free Resources

This blog post is designed as a lesson, you can follow the links and use them directly with your kids to teach about tessellations. I placed the article links at the top because I did not find any video’s that adequately covered what a tessellation is, so make sure you start at the top. I…
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Genetics and Intelligence for Your Homeschool

Genetics and Intelligence for your Homeschool

There is no nature vs. nurture war, but a multiplication of nature times nurture. What does this mean for our homeschools? This means your slow learner can become a fast learner. Because you can train their brain to learn better. This is also why I don’t like labeling slow learners or gifted kids. Both labels cause more problems than they solve. Even homeschoolers have a long way to go in understanding intelligence, the proof is in the fact that will still try to sort out our children using these labels and even purchase products based on these labels.

Overwhelm in your homeschool

Smoothing Out October Overwhelm in Your Homeschool

Is overwhelm haunting you? There are a few things you can do to re-assess your plans and find smoother days. Let’s dig up the root of your overwhelm.

To CLEP or Not to CLEP The What, Where, When, and Why of CLEP Testing in High School
Chroma Cube Product Review by Jump Into Genius

Chroma Cube Review

Chroma Cube is a table-top deductive reasoning puzzle. Timberdoodle includes it in the 11th-grade curriculum kit but it is suitable for a wide range of ages. My 11th grader has spent hours solving other popular puzzles involving cubes. So I thought it would be fun to give this one a try. Of course, since it…
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Brain Wars: Montessori vs. Brain Science

Brain Wars: Montessori vs. Brain Science

As I read about cognitive and neuroscience and all the amazing ways our brain learns I often see why I was attracted to certain educational philosophies and also why I didn’t jump all in. In other words, most of the educational philosophies popular in the homeschooling world have clear strengths and weaknesses when viewed through…
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Do you think your child is lazy with schoolwork? How to tell if your child is lazy and how to help them overcome it.

Do You Think Your Child is Being Lazy with Their Schoolwork?

How to tell if your kid is being lazy and how to help them overcome it. We cannot see inside our child’s mind. What seems simple and easy to us, as adults, could be taking a great deal of cognitive effort for them. This does not mean there is anything wrong with their brain. It just…
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A Typical Tuesday for this Homeschool Mom
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