Live Online High School Science Classes for your Homeschool

Live Online High School Science Classes for your Homeschool

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time spent creating this blog post. What is that? My husband pointed at a jar full of….something? I wasn’t sure. We called in the kids. Three of them explained what it was, why they had set it up, and how long they planned to leave it sitting on the…
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Nature's Beautiful Order Homeschool

Nature’s Beautiful Order – Product Review

Nature’s Beautiful Order published by Memoria Press is designed to be used with older students, 6th grade or above. The book is written for Christian students. The book and accompanying study guide are a great introduction to natural history. What is Natural History? Natural history is a branch of biology. In fact, it used to…
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Thoughts From the Homeschooled Kids Two Teen Boys Share their thoughts

Thoughts From the Homeschooled Kids

Two Teen Boys Share Their Thoughts Let’s start with the oldest. He is 16 and articulate writing is not his strength, but he is very passionate about homeschooling. He was homeschooled from the start but we put him in public high school in 9th grade. By the end of the first semester, it was obvious…
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Anne of Green Gable Student Study Guide Product Review

Anne of Green Gables Student Study Guide – Product Review

This guide is published by Memoria Press and is targeted for the 6th-8th grader. I am using it with an 8th grader. The novel Anne of Green Gables does contain Biblical references if you are a secular homeschooler and are comfortable with using the novel in your homeschool than this study guide should also be a good…
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The Places and Spaces Where we Learn Jump Into Genius Homeschool

The Places & Spaces Where We Learn

Tables, couches, and beds, Oh My! Children who are raised to love learning take their learning wherever they go. Sure, they sit at a table when they need a hard surface to work on. But they might take their math to their bedroom if they need quiet (there are six kids, two dogs, a cat,…
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French for Children - Primer A Program Product Review

French For Children – Product Review

French For Children by Classical Academic Press is designed so that you can teach your children French even if you are not familiar with the language. The program is appropriate for both Christian and secular homeschoolers. It is designed for children in the 4th -7th grade age range. I am using the program with 4…
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My Mad Methods for Picking Homeschool Curriculum
All About Omega 3's Brain Muffins

Brain Muffins

Brain Fat is Cool How to Get Your Kids Eating It, Even if They Hate Fish In this article, you will learn about the different forms of Omega 3 fats and tips and tricks to eat them in a yummy fashion so your kids are begging for more instead of running screaming in the other…
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Mr. Popper's Penguins Student Study Guide Product Review

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Student Study Guide – Product Review

This guide is written artfully to pull the child deeper into the story and give them even more joy as they are able to understand and experience the story on an even deeper level.

Defining Creativity, Through the Eyes of a Highly Creative Teen by Marla Szwast of Jump Into Genius

Defining Creativity – Through the Eyes of a Teen

This morning I was sharing some tidbits of a news article, mostly because the article was ridiculous. It reported nothing new and could not seem to develop a single idea, instead, jumping about randomly. This was published online at one of those Giant News Sources. For their sake, I will not say which one is…
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