Grocery Cart Spelling – Fruit Edition


10 fruit spelling words, one week of practice and extra puzzles. Includes reference to spelling rules and patterns and multi-sensory practice.

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Tired of being interrupted every time your kids announce you are out of bananas? How about teaching them to spell those words so they can add them to the grocery list themselves? That way you can stay seated while you eat breakfast…I know, what a dream! Now you can easily teach them those words with Grocery Cart Spelling printable PDF lessons. (The PDF is a total of 21 pages.)

A black and white version of these lessons is included for moms who love to save on toner/ink or kids who just love to color.

Each edition of Grocery Cart Spelling Contains the following activities.

Grocery Cart Spelling Table of Contents:

10 words

Tracing Sheet – This will be multi-sensory daily practice with the words (if they follow the directions).

Rules and Patterns Sheet – Seeing how those spelling rules connect with words they will use frequently is an easy way to integrate long-term review.

Unscramble – Getting the letters in the right order is a crucial spelling skill.

Word Boxes – This is just another way to get kids to pay attention to the details of the letters in the words.

Plural Rules – Sometimes it’s easy to pluralize a word, other times, not so much, we go over the rules and practice pluralizing the 10 words.

Test Sheet – How many of the words can you spell correctly from memory?

Crossword with clues – Make them think.

Crossword without clues – Extra copy work practice in a fun puzzle.

Word Find – Have them track left to right as they look for the words, you can never get too much left to right tracking practice.

Food Sudoku – Just for fun.

After purchase, you have unlimited downloads and no expiration date to access the downloads. You should receive a link to the download immediately after purchase and you should also receive an email with the downloads. (The color and black & white version are two separate downloads, you have access to both. Please contact me if you do not get the email.)

If you have any trouble with access or downloads just email me – [email protected] – and I will email you a copy of the PDF files.



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