Top 7 Homeschooling Apps

As we deal with the CoronaVirus, schools in many States and countries are closed. It’s a relief for many parents to have their kids at home where they can ensure they stay healthy. However, the issue of schooling comes into play. How do we ensure our children continue learning while at home? The easiest way is through homeschooling.

Typing Practice for Kids

I found Type Dojo and Kidztype were not only the best free programs I have tried, but I liked them more than software I have purchased. They may be free, but they have not sacrificed quality to provide this free program. It is not only thorough but also moves kids forward at a steady pace and is full of interesting ways to mix up the practice.

Free tutoring and livestream classes for high school math.

OneClass is an online support center for upper high school and college level classes.

77 Educational YouTube Playlists for Learning at Home

Organized by subject this list includes selection for students from Prek through high school.

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