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CTCMath Review for Homeschool Family Membership complete online math curriculum from kindergarten to calculus.

CTCMath Review

I am reviewing the Homeschool Family membership package, appropriate for both secular and Christian homeschoolers, covering levels from kindergarten to calculus.

Your Brain on Poetry - Don't throw this subject into the 'optional' bin.

Keep the Poetry in Your Homeschool

Poetry is often relegated to the pile of optional subjects. Optional subjects are the first ones we cut when we are busy or overwhelmed. Is poetry entirely necessary to a good education? Isn’t it a bit antiquated and irrelevant in this age of technology? Would our children not be better served learning a programming language…
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UGears Toy Review by Jump Into Genius

UGears Knight – Craft Review

This puzzle is a great option for stocking stuffers, only costs a few dollars, and is easy for kids to put together.

Plus-Plus Turkey Kit Toy Review

Plus-Plus Turkey Kit Product Review

Are you searching for a project to keep the kids busy while the pop-up turkey timer refuses to budge, even though your painstaking mathematical calculations predicted it would pop 30 minutes ago?

Chroma Cube Product Review by Jump Into Genius

Chroma Cube Review

Chroma Cube is a table-top deductive reasoning puzzle. Timberdoodle includes it in the 11th-grade curriculum kit but it is suitable for a wide range of ages. My 11th grader has spent hours solving other popular puzzles involving cubes. So I thought it would be fun to give this one a try. Of course, since it…
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Nature's Beautiful Order Homeschool

Nature’s Beautiful Order – Product Review

Nature’s Beautiful Order published by Memoria Press is designed to be used with older students, 6th grade or above. The book is written for Christian students. The book and accompanying study guide are a great introduction to natural history. What is Natural History? Natural history is a branch of biology. In fact, it used to…
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Anne of Green Gable Student Study Guide Product Review

Anne of Green Gables Student Study Guide – Product Review

This guide is published by Memoria Press and is targeted for the 6th-8th grader. I am using it with an 8th grader. The novel Anne of Green Gables does contain Biblical references if you are a secular homeschooler and are comfortable with using the novel in your homeschool than this study guide should also be a good…
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French for Children - Primer A Program Product Review

French For Children – Product Review

French For Children by Classical Academic Press is designed so that you can teach your children French even if you are not familiar with the language. The program is appropriate for both Christian and secular homeschoolers. It is designed for children in the 4th -7th grade age range. I am using the program with 4…
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Mr. Popper's Penguins Student Study Guide Product Review

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Student Study Guide – Product Review

This guide is written artfully to pull the child deeper into the story and give them even more joy as they are able to understand and experience the story on an even deeper level.

Beyond The Stick Figure, Full Year Art Curriculum, Product Review by Jump Into Genius

Beyond The Stick Figure – Product Review

Beyond the Stick Figure is a drawing skills course for kids. The course uses an online platform and includes video’s, text instruction, and clear directions for activities and projects. This is a newly released course and is suitable for all homeschoolers (no religion included). I tested out the course with 6 kids between the ages…
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