Child Development

Homeschooling When Your Youngest Eats Crayons

Do you dream of the day when your youngest will behave like the child in the picture above? Enjoying this part of your life requires a combination of mindset shifts and practical help to get through your days without feeling like you are being torn apart at the seams from being pulled in three different directions all day.

Letting Go of Labels and Breaking the Walls of Learning

Development is a complex interplay of genes and enviornment. Don’t let labels based on genetics or current abilities stop you from giving your child what they need to become their own awesome selves.

Genetics and Intelligence for Your Homeschool

There is no nature vs. nurture war, but a multiplication of nature times nurture. What does this mean for our homeschools? This means your slow learner can become a fast learner. Because you can train their brain to learn better. This is also why I don’t like labeling slow learners or gifted kids. Both labels cause more problems than they solve. Even homeschoolers have a long way to go in understanding intelligence, the proof is in the fact that will still try to sort out our children using these labels and even purchase products based on these labels.

It might sound simplistic, but these are the things your kid’s brain needs to grow.

Helping Your Slow Learner

How to help your slow learner win the race of learning.

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