How to Learn Flamenco Dance at Home with Your Kids

When my kids were young I spent hours scouring YouTube for video’s of traditional dance tutorials from different cultures. Dance is universal and I thought it would be a great way to study cultures, get the kids moving, practice coordination, and have fun together. However, after many frustrating hours of searching I realized that my dream online dancing course did not exist!

That’s why I was so thrilled at the opportunity to try out this new online flamenco course. Now, just because I gave up on YouTube, doesn’t mean I gave up on dancing. Over the years dance has become a bigger and bigger part of our family lifestyle. In fact, dance is the primary way I exercise and my oldest son is going into dance professionally.

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The online Flamenco Dance course is a new self-paced course offered by Mr. D Math.

Our set-up for using Mr. D Math's Flamenco Dance Course. You do need a hard floor, but not too hard, we just use cheap plywood. This is also how we practice tap at home. You can use tap or character shoes for this course.
Our set-up for using Mr. D Math’s Flamenco Dance Course. You do need a hard floor, but not too hard, we just use cheap plywood. This is also how we practice tap at home. You can use tap or character shoes for this course.

Reasons You Might Want to use this Course

Mr. D Math Flamenco Dance is appropriate for a wide range of ages and as a family activity. I think it is a great way to get your family moving indoors this winter. It is also a great supplement for families who are learning Spanish, or studying the Spanish culture.

Dance is a great way to add P.E. to your homeschool studies, and getting those movement credits hours in the winter can be tricky. Especially if you need to stay home in order to social distance.

Flamenco dance is a fun way to get teens moving.

Taught by a Professional Flamenco Dancer

This Flamenco Dance course is taught by a world-renowned professional dancer and choreographer, Marta Fernandez. Fernandez teaches in Spanish, and the videos are either subtitled or dubbed over as needed for easy understanding.

The course is broken down into appropriate bite-sized steps, with clear homework given each week. I think most people could complete a lesson in a week, but the pace could vary quite a bit depending on the age of your children and whether or not they have any previous dance experience.

Adapting the Length of Mr. D Math Flamenco Dance Course to fit Your Family

  • Their are 10 lessons in the class, and you may need extra practice time for a few of the lessons when various movements are put together, so I would suggest that even for older students you plan at least a quarter to complete the course.
  • It can be easily extended by repeating for mastery. Every master practices the basics of their craft daily.
  • If you are using this as a physical education course, there is nothing wrong with just repeating the whole thing, along with the homework to extend the class.
  • You and your kids will find that everything is easier, and therefore more fun, the second time around.
  • Once you know the basics and have completed the course, you can also have fun choreographing your own dances to flamenco music.
  • The course includes a playlist of flamenco music, you can listen to this for fun, while practicing the homework, and later as you create your own dances.
How to Learn Flamenco Dance at Home with Your Kids
My teen practicing Flamenco Dance homework with various arm and hand positions and steps.

This Course Will Gives Moms of Young Ones the Skills They Need to Teach

Because younger kids are still learning a lot of basic coordination skills, I think you could use this course over an entire year, taking more weeks to practice each basic movement until it becomes easy for them. They will be so proud of how they look when they get to the end of the year and successfully complete the final choreography lesson.

Flamenco is Fun for Dancers and Non-Dancers

I tried this course out myself, and my teenage daughter also did some of the lessons and wants to continue going through the videos. She is able to go through them quickly because she has been tap dancing for several years and has also had some basic ballet.

I would call myself a non-dancer even though I take adult dance classes to get in my exercise. I still struggle with coordination, speed, and grace, because I had no experience dancing when I was younger.

But I would call my daughter a dancer, especially a tap dancer, as she can has become quite skilled. We both enjoyed this course.

I want to encourage everyone that you can learn to dance, and that it is fun and beneficial to both brain and body.

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