An Introduction to Thiel College for Homeschoolers

An Introduction to Thiel College for Homeschoolers

We all know there are some colleges out there that are not going to be a great fit for our homeschool students. We also know that there are great colleges out there and the college years serve as a final fine tuning of all the education we poured into our kids. So how do you find the good ones? Well, research, research, research. I know, just when you thought you were done researching (because you don’t have to buy new curriculum next year)!

That’s why I want to share about some lesser known college options on my blog, to make your research a little easier and introduce you to some wonderful hidden gems.

(I was compensated for my time writing this post.)

First, How do You Pronounce It?

I don’t want you reading through this whole article, tripping over how the name might be pronounced. It’s easy, just pronounce it like the color teal.

Thiel College for homeschoolers
Pronounce it like the color teal.

Second, Where is It?

Tucked away in rural northwestern Pennsylvania, in the Town of Greenville. Greenville has a population of only 5000, so it is a great place to experience small town living.

Thiel College is a great choice for students who love getting out into nature. With two lakes and a river reservoir, just a short 10-20 minutes drive through the rolling hills of PA.

Your student will also benefit from the proximity of nearby major large cities. Only 90 minutes away from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland students take advantage of these busy urban areas with service learning, educational trips, and entertainment. Youngstown, Ohio, is also nearby, with a shorter, 40 minute drive.

Thiel College for homeschoolers
Picturesque campus of Thiel College.

Third, Why Would a Homeschool Student Want to go There?


You may be wondering if this college you have never heard, tucked away in picturesque Pennsylvania hills is any good. Thiel College has an excellent reputation and track record.

Small class size

Seventy percent of classes offered at Thiel have 20 or fewer students, ensuring your student can get the individual help they need to be successful. Combined with the 11:1 student-faculty ratio you can relax, knowing your child is surrounded by adults who care about their success.

Majors offered

Thiel offers over sixty areas of study. These include business, communication, education, and actuarial studies.

An Introduction to Thiel College for Homeschoolers
Thiel College is homeschool friendly.

Are You Worried Job Placement After College?

Look, as a mom of six I completely understand this worry, and I think it should be a top concern when choosing colleges. The truth is that many colleges and many degrees do not properly prepare students to enter the work force in their field. However, Thiel is doing an excellent job preparing the students for future success.

All students complete at least one internship or practicum before they graduate, ensuring that they are prepared for the workforce. In fact, 95% of Thiel graduates are employed, or enrolled in advanced studies in their field within only three months of graduation.

Thiel College for homeschoolers
Thiel College Campus

Students pursuing more advanced studies are consistently getting into programs at Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, and Yale.

So you can rest easy knowing that Thiel is preparing your students for success in their next steps, whether that is pursuing further studies or entering the workforce.

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