Music is food for the heart and soul of the student. It is an essential part of every well-rounded homeschool and you can make it part of yours whether or not you have money for lessons or are musically trained.

There are many ways you can incorporate music into your homeschool. I encourage you to follow the link below to my magazine article for tips and ideas to implement for different age groups that are easy and inexpensive.

Don’t let music intimidate you! In the article, I address the topic of teaching music yourself and why some homeschoolers may need to do this. However, I also suggest you check out local resources. You may find a great and affordable homeschool band or choir to join. You may also live in a state where your child can join the public school for band or choir. Many places also have community bands and choirs that are available for any children to join.

This week I am sharing an article I wrote for The Old Schoolhouse magazine. One of the things I love about this magazine is that it is free to read the digital version. The topic of the article is incorporating music into your homeschool.

DIY Music Education for Your Homeschool

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