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Letting Go of Labels and Breaking the Walls of Learning

Letting Go of Labels and Breaking the Walls of Learning

Development is a complex interplay of genes and enviornment. Don’t let labels based on genetics or current abilities stop you from giving your child what they need to become their own awesome selves.

Your Brain on Poetry - Don't throw this subject into the 'optional' bin.

Keep the Poetry in Your Homeschool

Poetry is often relegated to the pile of optional subjects. Optional subjects are the first ones we cut when we are busy or overwhelmed. Is poetry entirely necessary to a good education? Isn’t it a bit antiquated and irrelevant in this age of technology? Would our children not be better served learning a programming language…
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Genetics and Intelligence for Your Homeschool

Genetics and Intelligence for your Homeschool

There is no nature vs. nurture war, but a multiplication of nature times nurture. What does this mean for our homeschools? This means your slow learner can become a fast learner. Because you can train their brain to learn better. This is also why I don’t like labeling slow learners or gifted kids. Both labels cause more problems than they solve. Even homeschoolers have a long way to go in understanding intelligence, the proof is in the fact that will still try to sort out our children using these labels and even purchase products based on these labels.

Getting Little Boys to Sit Down and Learn

I see plea’s about the inability of boys to sit still and learn come up frequently in homeschooling forums and facebook groups. Everyone wants to know how to get them to sit still and also if their inability to sit still is normal. The question of whether or not they would be better off in…
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Help! I’m Homeschooling Highschool – A Weapon to Keep Panic at Bay

Three words – Know Your Vision I know, I know, you don’t have time to create a vision statement for high school, you have too many practical decisions to make and hours of research before you can make them wisely. But please, just stop for a moment. Without a clear vision of what you want…
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Helping Your Slow Learner
Experts Think Differently than Students

Why Johnny Can’t Think Like a Scientist Until he is One

There has been a push in modern education to shift away from teaching kids about stuff (like facts & concepts & patterns) to attempting to teach them how to think like experts. Is such a thing possible? Can you think like an expert before you are one? Do experts become experts because they think differently…
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A Checklist for Kids Healthy Development

Sometimes we are so caught up in the heat of friction within our child-parent relationships that we forget to take a step back, think objectively about what developmental needs our children have, and use that information to inform our parenting decisions. What is the most important thing we can do to support our children right…
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10 things I’ve learned in 10 years of Home Education

1. The most important ingredient to a successful homeschool is a confident, peaceful mom. Kids will pick up and emulate the attitude of the leader. The leader is you, and if you are panicked, disheveled or worried, they will be also. 2. Because of the above, you must chill out. I don’t care how hard…
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