Mr. D Math - ACT Prep Math Bootcamp- Product Review

My oldest is a Junior this year and we decided it was time to take the ACT test for a trial run. However, my sons schedule is absolutely packed to the brim this year. As I searched for just the right course to help him study I struggled to find something that would not take him hundreds of hours to work through. I was not looking for an entire class of ACT Prep material. Just a little something so he could walk into the test knowing what to expect and armed with some good tools. That’s when the ACT Test Prep course by Mr. D Math came to our rescue.

What is Included in the ACT Prep Math Bootcamp by Mr. D Math

This is primarily a video course. Mr. D offers live videos, your student can log in and type in answers to problems and ask Mr. D any questions they have. You also get access to previous video recordings, so if your schedule does not fit with the live course offerings you can still watch prerecorded sessions as your own convenience.

In addition to the videos there are links to suggested practice games, articles with tips, and practice questions for the essays. These extras give your student great overall prep for the test and cover topics other than math.

How we used the ACT Prep Math Bootcamp

My son used this course with the prerecorded videos. His schedule is crammed full and he could not make any of the live sessions. I watched some of the video sessions with him. He then followed some of the links to read articles with tips for different sections of the test.

An Efficient Way to Study for the ACT

  • Mr. D Math focuses on smart strategies for taking the test.
  • He covers content as a part of teaching students test taking skills.
  • This is the course for you if you need to get ready for the test in a short period of time.
  • My teen found the course easy to follow.
  • It covers more than math, your child can use the links to study for the writing and science portions of the test, even though Mr. D has a focus on the math portion.
  • We found this a sufficient stand-alone product, in other words I did not feel the need to add in any extra study with other books or materials.

Studying for these type of tests should not mean that a student has a whole pile of new content to learn. This is why I find many other programs redundant, they go over so much content, which I guess might be nice review but is a waste of time and money if your student does not need it. What most students really need is to be taught specific test-taking skills. Mr. D’s ACT Math Bootcamp does a great job teaching those skills.

There are advantages to take the test during your students Junior year even if they have not finished learning all of the topics covered on the test. A practice run of the test helps familiarize them with the process and can help many students feel more comfortable the second time around. It is also nice for the student to go into their first test knowing that their score does not matter. They can just relax and practice the process.

My oldest has not finished geometry or trig, he has completed algebra 1 & 2. We did not try to learn all the math that may be covered on this test. We just went through the Mr. D ACT Math Bootcamp videos. Once he finishes those courses he might be able to gain a few more points on the test.

If felt this ACT Math Bootcamp by Mr. D Math is a great way to study. He also has a course for SAT Prep, and if we decide to take that test we will study with the Mr. D Math SAT Bootcamp.

If you are struggling to find the right math program for your student Mr. D Math offers several courses.

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