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To CLEP or Not to CLEP The What, Where, When, and Why of CLEP Testing in High School

To CLEP or Not to CLEP?

The What, When, Why and How of CLEP Testing During High School

Do You Think Your Child is Being Lazy with Their Schoolwork?

How to tell if your kid is being lazy and how to help them overcome it. We cannot see inside our child’s mind. What seems simple and easy to us, as adults, could be taking a great deal of cognitive effort for them. This does not mean there is anything wrong with their brain. It just…
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Just Another Day in the Life Homeschooling 6 Kids Ages 9-16

A typical Tuesday for this homeschool mom.

My Mad Methods For Picking Curriculum

The process I go through to get what I need to homeschool 6 kids each year.

Homeschooling a Large Family - How Do I Do it All?

(Spoiler Alert: I don’t) This is a big-picture, mindset type post. If you need specific teaching tips for homeschooling a large family read my article Teaching Multiple Ages and Grades in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, it’s free to read online. This is one of the first questions I get when meeting new people. Even before…
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The Four Most Important Things to Include in Your Homeschool Plans for Next Year

It might sound simplistic, but these are the things your kid’s brain needs to grow.

Thriving Homeschool Motherhood Does Not Look Like Pinterest

I just want to remind every mom out there who is feeling weighed down by all the imperfect mom guilt. Homeschooling is life. Life is messy. Pinterest is a photo-op. It shows us the best possible outcomes, tied up in a bow. Completely Staged. Even my messy photo for this graphic isn’t really messy enough.…
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Getting Little Boys to Sit Down and Learn

I see plea’s about the inability of boys to sit still and learn come up frequently in homeschooling forums and facebook groups. Everyone wants to know how to get them to sit still and also if their inability to sit still is normal. The question of whether or not they would be better off in…
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A Homeschool Day-in-the-Life with Six Kids, Ages 8-15

Yes, I have decided to jump into the January day in the life, bandwagon. Partly because I don’t write many personal posts and thought this would be a good chance to connect with my readers. Also, because in years past when I needed January inspiration these posts sometimes helped, but I found a lot of…
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7 Strategies to Keep The Boring Out and Get Kids Interested in Learning

So learning all this stuff about neuroscience, cognitive science, and functional brain theory is fun, right? But the thing is, it is only useful if we can see how all this knowledge should be affecting our daily lives. With that in mind, I am dedicating my weekly blog posts in November to addressing some of…
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