Free Tutoring & Livestream Classes from OneClass

Free tutoring and livestream classes for high school math.

What is OneClass?

  • OneClass is an online support center for upper high school and college level classes. You can get a paid subscription which gives you access to notes from your class, study guides, and homework help.
  • OneClass is hosting free online streaming classes. Math from Algebra to Calculus is covered. There are also other classes that utilize math skills that are covered, such as Chemistry, Economics, and SAT Prep.
  • There are several examples of Livestream classes available on the site, just click and watch.
  • Upcoming Livestream schedule is on the left of the Livestream homepage. You can also find a schedule on your dashboard once you create an account and sign-in. Creating an account is free.
  • OneClass is also offering 100,000 hours of free online tutoring. So if you have a student in any of these upper level classes that needs help, you can schedule a tutoring session and get individualized help for free. (They are offering this to support student learning during the Covid-19 crisis.)

Why OneClass?

I was very impressed with the quality of the Livestream class. The audio and video are both high quality. All the teachers have very high credentials.

Besides being smart and knowing what she was talking about, the teacher I watched (going through an example from a common type of SAT question) took the time to stop and explain the part of the question that would typically confuse most students.

The explanation was clear and easy-to-follow and mathematically correct. (You might expect correctness everywhere, but it would surprise you at how often math is explained in mathematically incorrect ways.)

OneClass is also reviewed for quality by the International Center for Academic Integrity.

Whether you are a long-term homeschooler or a temporary homeschooler due to the current crisis, OneClass is ready to help your students finish strong with free help this spring.

Discalimer: I was compensated for my time writing this post.

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