Plus-Plus Turkey Kit Product Review

Are you searching for a project to keep the kids busy while the pop-up turkey timer refuses to budge, even though your painstaking mathematical calculations predicted it would pop 30 minutes ago? Obviously, this is not the time for crafts that require parental supervision. You need something, quick, easy, and engaging to distract the kids.

Hero of the day - Turkey Plus-Plus Kit

My kids love playing with Plus-Plus pieces. They are a building toy. Kind of like Lego’s, but even simpler in design. The pieces are all the same shape.

Butterfly, made with Turkey Plus-Plus Kit, following the directions of imagination.

If you already know and love Plus-Plus pieces than you know that pulling this kit out on Thanksgiving Day when you are about to lose your mind will be just the kind of magic you need.

The Plus-Plus Turkey Kit comes in a handy little storage tube. You can repack the pieces and pull it out again next year.

If you have not entered the world of Plus-Plus the little Turkey Kit is a great way to get started.

After building the turkey, following the included step-by-step directions I told my kids to destroy it and see what other fall-themed projects they could build with the pieces in the kit.

What can you create with Plus-Plus?

In addition to the butterfly pictured above, here are a few things my kids came up with.

You get the idea, your kids’ imagination is the limit.

Plus-Plus is a toy that:

  • Promotes imaginative thinking (open-ended toy)
  • Creative problem solving (the pieces don’t always fit the way you want them too)
  • Fine motor skills practice (this can help kids with poor handwriting skills)

3 Responses

  1. Karla Cook says:

    I love how creative your kids are with just this handful of pieces!

  2. Teresa Locklear says:

    I absolutely love the other items your kids came up with on their own.

  3. MaryAnne says:

    It’s so cool to see all the different things kids make with these besides what the instructions detail!

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