Summer Reading Bucket List

Free Printable Summer Reading Bucket List

Books are the cheapest way to travel the world.

Books are the quietest way to meet new people.

Books can take you deeper into our world, exploring everything from particles to magnetism to fictional adventures like Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Books also take you farther out of your bubble than anything else. With books, you find out how many other ways people live, believe, eat, and learn. You find out how rich you are and what things in your own life you take for granted. (Like having loving parents, or more food in the pantry than you can possibly eat!)

Books make you a bigger person.

Not only can you get a taste of various places and cultures through books, but you can meet amazing people. If you have ever heard that people are greatly influenced by the quality of people they spend the most time with, remember this: when reading books you can spend time with the greatest people in history.

With books you are not limited to hanging out with your neighbors all summer, although I highly recommend you spend some time doing just that!

Did you know that reading literary fiction books will increase your child’s empathy?

Exploration through reading is only a library away. Or, if you have money to spend, just a few clicks on your computer at Thrift Books or Amazon.

All the summer bucket lists floating around the internet give me a headache. There is so much TO DO on them! I just want to sit in the living room, surrounded by my kids and read in the quiet. I want to swim too, of course, but really, I don’t want to conquer the world this summer. I just want a break. Reading fits into that break beautifully.

Use this Summer Reading Bucket List freebie to help your child explore the world through reading this summer and let go of the guilt you feel when seeing all the amazing adventures other moms are taking their kids on. After all, not many adventures can give you more than you can find between the pages of a good book. It’s okay to stay home and read 🙂

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