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UGears makes 3D puzzles made of wood. They fit together without glue and can be colored or painted. The puzzle we tried is the knight on horseback. This puzzle is a great option for stocking stuffers, only costs a few dollars, and is easy for kids to put together.

The package comes with simple instructions for assembly.

Although the directions suggest painting after assembly it would be best to paint before assembly.
My 9-year-old put the project together without help.

The pieces are precut and you simply push them out of the wooden frame. Some of the smaller pieces are a little difficult to get out, you may need to lend a hand.

This is how it looks assembled, without color or paint.

You can easily take the pieces apart and rebuild this project. So if you child does not have the patience to paint it before they put it together, that is fine. They can take it back apart when they are ready to paint and then rebuild it.

This puzzle/craft is sturdy, easy to assemble and leaves room for your child to get creative with coloring or painting. You could even buy several of these and your child can paint them differently for use in imaginary battle play.

Ugears makes many other projects, ranging from simple ones like this horse and knight to more complex models that older children would enjoy.

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