Gardeing with Kids

Spring vacation may not matter to some homeschoolers, but for us, it is the week off of evening extra-curricular activities. Since those activities keep me and my older kids out until 9 pm most nights, this will feel like a vacation whether or not we take a break from academics. Our daily life is so adventurous that we hardly wanted to take that precious week off and travel. Although I considered it, looking up beach campgrounds, they were all sold out. Barring that adventure, we decided to stay home and plant stuff.

Our sweet lab/shepherd mix insisted on helping us dig the holes for fruit trees.
Attila insisted on helping us dig!

My husband was ready to jump on any plans that included staying home, including being willing to take a week off of work to have a family planting adventure at home.

What we did in our garden with kids this week

So, this week we planted:

  • – 7 fruit trees
  • – 13 berry bushes
  • – 2 grape vines
  • – dug out 20 bushes
  • – planted 2 Hydrangeas
  • – 1 rose bush
  • – a packet of Zinnia seeds
  • – a mint patch
  • – a chives patch
  • – built a 4 x 8 foot raised garden bed
  • – planted a bunch of herbs and vegetables in the raised bed
  • – moved a metal frame from the porch and dug it into the ground to serve as a trellis for the grapes.
  • – dug a fire pit and lined it with rock from around the house.

(You may be thinking at this point that we live on a farm…nope, we are suburbanites.)

It was a lot of work. We finished ahead of schedule, having all our projects complete by 4:30 pm Thursday.

Sometimes people think having a large family must be a lot of work. What they often forget is that a large family can also DO a lot of work. Working hard together, we were able to quickly transform our yard into our vision.

A 4 by 8 raised box garden.
The little box garden we constructed.

Yes, we did a good job raising real workers, and you are probably doing great too!

Am I bragging? Well, why not? I am the one that taught these kids the value of hard work with my sweat and blood. I am the one who taught them to work together. I am the one who taught them to work efficiently. I earned this pride. And I am proud of my kids, for proving to me just how well I taught them all these lessons. (Of course, my husband helped with all this teaching and character development and also felt rightfully proud.) We all enjoyed a calm and quiet Friday and are looking forward to one of the rare Saturdays where we don’t have to go anywhere.

Gardening with Kids is a Great At-Home Spring Break Adventure
We moved this shade canopy frame off the back deck where it was not needed, and attached it to the ground here to serve as a grapevine trellis.

Celebrate your parenting wins

As parents, we often forget to step back and enjoy our accomplishments and successes. This keeps us from experiencing joy. So yes, I am proud, and grateful, and happy that we were able to accomplish so much in just 4 days. I see the fruit of our labors and hope that soon we will be able to eat the fruit from the labor we performed this week.

Wherever you are in your parenting journey, take a step back. Look at something you or your kids accomplished this week and be grateful. Be proud. Don’t let all those moments of growth go unnoticed and uncelebrated. Look at them and think about them just as much as you look at and think about all the failures and shortcomings you want to fix. (Or perhaps more, if you can manage it.)

Do I get to count this week as school? Horticulture week or manual labor week? What do you think? Or how to make the yard you have the yard you want?

Gardening with Kids is a Great At-Home Spring Break Adventure
Time to enjoy our new fire pit!

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