Updated Schoolhouse Teachers Yearly Membership Review

This is an updated review of SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership. For my original review of SchoolhouseTeachers.com you can see this post: Basic Review

In this post you will find additional information about the Literacy Center within SchoolhouseTeachers, which is just one of many great resources available.

The Literacy center has been put together to help navigate the abundant materials available on the site for reading skills and comprehension. The resources are conveniently organized by skill level. The center covers skills needed from PreK- through a 4th grade reading level.

This first resource you see is a list of books available both online and by download. This is a great alternative to buying sets of readers, or needing constant trips to the library. Included in the section are readers and classics from World Book Online. Membership to SchoolhouseTeachers includes access to World Book Online and this literacy center does the work of finding the literacy resources and providing links for quickly pulling up the books you would like to work on with your child. These books can be listened to by your child, or you can silence the reading and have your child read on their own.

Next you find a few tips and links to a few articles with additional direction for teaching your child how to read.
Then you find resources listed by skill level, starting with resources for the pre-reader. Inside these sections you will find many resources from Teaching Reading Through Play, which is one of the wonderful classes available on SchoolhouseTeachers.

To get to some other true gems in this center you need to scroll all the way to the bottom under Other Resources and click on the link at the bottom for Struggling Learners and Students with Special Needs. I strongly suggest doing this, even is you do not have struggling or special needs students. Many times resources for these students have been thoroughly researched and follow sound principles in child development and teach in a way that simply makes it easier for children to learn.

I have used resources from this area, not because I have struggling readers, but just because these resources are well designed and thought out. Inside of this section, at the bottom of the section labeled Reading Remedies, you will see a link for additional reading resources by Dr. Matthew Glavach. You want to click on that link. I have used Learning to Read in a Different Way, 88 Word Sort Patterns, and Big Words Made Easy. They are all excellent resources to add to your reading program.

These are just a few of the gems awaiting you in the literacy center. Whether you are in search of games, readers, audio stories, or troubleshooting problem areas in your child’s reading skills, you are sure to find what you need, and much more.

Do you need to some extra time to explore and print out these great resources? Just pull up the extensive video library found on Schoolhouse teachers. There you can find hundreds of great videos and pick a few for you children to watch, while you dive into planning.
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  1. The literacy center sounds like a blessing with all those books 🙂

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